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Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

A scenic coastal drive takes us to Betty's Bay, where the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden displays the floral wonders of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.  Stretching from the top of the mountain to the sea, this unique botanical garden offers several walks, including two beautiful kloof walks, crossing streams and waterfalls surrounded by 27 species of indigenous trees and a wide variety of coastal and mountain fynbos plants and birds. 

This trip will include a visit to see the remains of the Stony Point Whaling Station, as well as the Stony Point Penguin colony, one of only two mainland African Penguin colonies.  From here the walk could also be extended to include a beautiful coastal walk along a private nature reserve.

Duration of walk:  2  hours (Harold Porter garden only) and another 4 hours for the coastal walk.
Exertion: Moderate to very easy

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Eco-Information on the Western Cape, South Africa.
The Cape Floral Kingdom is by far the smallest of the six Floral Kingdoms of the world, comprising less than 0.5% of the earth's land surface, and just under 4 % of Southern Africa's surface.

Fynbos, meaning 'fine-leafed bush', comprises 80% of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The remaining 20% are made up of Renosterveld, Succulent Karoo and Afromontane forest.